After socializing we had some amazing talks hosted by Merete Lundemo Minister of the Royal Norwegian Embassy who gave us an overview of the history of the building. This was followed by a talk by Dr. Anne Tjønneland, a medical researcher and author within breast cancer, to be followed by an interview between Josina Bergsøe and Mette Hoffman Meyer to talk about Josina’s experiences when she had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and last but not least we had a talk by Bente Kruse, who had very recently lost her daughter to breast cancer.

Although especially the last talk was very sad and harrowing, we felt that we had looked at what we are trying to support from many angles, to raise further awareness and understanding, and therefore achieved part of our goals of hosting the luncheon.

Before heading in to the luncheon we then announced the recipient organizations for 2012 as follows:

  • “Krop & Kræft”
  • “Børn, Unge og Sorg”
  • Dr. Med. Birgitte Bruun Rasmussen, senior pathologist at Herlev Hospital

We then went back indoors into the beautiful colour coded rooms of the residence. Here we now had the honour of listening to Peter Lodahl sing, which was truly magical. And finally, we had lunch presented beautifully by our chefs, Charles-René Madsen and Morten Tønnesen. It was truly delectable and we hope to persuade him to help us again next year.

And finally we announced our lucky lottery winners as well as the silent auction winners.

All in all, an incredibly successful luncheon and we hope to see many of you again next year.
Many thanks once again for all your support!